How to make your email signup process your best first impression

VIDEO: Here is an example of how to make your email signup process more effective. Case study: Chalone Vineyard. TRANSCRIPT: Hello this is Mitch Tarr, President and founder of Today we are going to go through an email review and walk through an email sign-up process, and just take a look and see how […]

ZinMarketing Email Marketing Review: Gigya

INTRODUCTION: Email marketing reviews are designed to showcase email best practices by way of showing an example of email marketing from a real company. We don’t know the company or anyone who works there. was selected as a potential candidate in our traditional way. We visit their site and pretend we are in their […]

ZinMarketing Email Marketing Review:

INTRODUCTION: Each week, we select a company and review their visible email marketing tactics. We never know what’s going on behind the scenes, but there are always lessons learned by looking in the window. We don’t know this company and haven’t worked with them directly. However, just by observing the critical first steps a company […]

31 Ways to Build Your Email List 10X Faster

There are many ways to improve on email list building – and these 31 tips will help you drastically improve the rate at which you build your list. Host webinars or other shows with other people – and market to each other’s audience Host a webinar yourself Make your lists opt-in by sending renewal messages […]

Email Marketing Review:

INTRODUCTION: This is the beginning of a new series in our email blogs and it’s appropriate we’ve selected a company called to review. Here is a great little company that is just starting to execute its go to market strategy.  From visiting their website we can see they are doing a great job of […]

Perhaps we shouldn’t call it email marketing any more!

There used to be a time when you used the term email marketing and most people had a picture in their head of a marketing process that was simple. Simple, in the sense that you had a Constant Contact account.  You selected your favorite template, and you sent a newsletter (usually monthly).  Then you put […]