When I was a sales rep for IBM, I was responsible for a quota.  I made the quota, they let me keep my job.  It was a great relationship.

screen_shot_2010-05-13_at_3-18-32_pmBut if I sold lots, I made lots!

These days there is SO much hype around social media, I wonder if businesses have lost their way a bit.

So check it out.  Right now, about 75% of adults use the Internet but only 8% of adults use Twitter.  (not all of them daily)

I feel like if you have time to kill you could be using Twitter as a marketing channel.  Unless of course your actual audience is a Twitter user–because you sell a Twitter app.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a Twitter account and I have won cash-paying clients with Twitter, but I think if it’s important to you to generate sales, you should explore higher ROI channels…

…like email marketing!  (You knew it was coming)

Think about it.

If you have the email address of every person who you’ve done business with, who is most likely to be receptive to your best offers and invites?

Most companies do a horrible job selling to their very own clients.

So put down your Twitter account and let’s design a winner email campaign to your current and past customers…and sell something!