Email marketers know that to up your ROI, you have to build an engaged list.  If your numbers are static, don’t give up.  We’ve compiled a top ten list to creatively build an email list full of potential profit.  Our top ten list is ranked by supporting data from a field survey conducted by MarketingSherpa on email marketing list building effectiveness.


10. Email a friend:  F2AF (forward to a friend) is an easy way to get your email in front of new eyes.  By asking, and easily enabling your subscribers to forward your email, you have a chance to win new subscribers.  Make sure to optimize your message so you capture these new prospects.

9. Social media share buttons:  Every new person that sees your email content is a potential subscriber to your list. By including social share buttons in your email, you allow your readers to spread your message to their connections. A recommendation from a friend via Facebook is compelling to most consumers, and generates new interest.

8. Facebook registration page:  Your business profile on Facebook should have its own email opt in page.  Whether prospective clients come upon your page by chance, or intentionally, if they want to learn more about your business, they are likely to subscribe.  Do it on Facebook with an app rather than sending them to your website.  The less steps to sign up, the likelier they will.

7. Blog registration page:  Same goes for your blog.  If you are offering interesting (and searchable) content, it is likely your blog will route new-to-your-business traffic to your site. Right at their landing point on the blog, include a chance to sign up and get to know your business better and receive more beneficial content.

6. Co-registration programs:  Co-registration trumps list buying.  Working with a popular, high-traffic site with a synergistic audience, you can quickly grow your numbers.  Two things to keep in mind:  keep an eye on your cost per acquisition and follow up with new registrations as soon as possible.

5. Offline events (like in-store):  If you have a brick and mortar business, you absolutely should have an email capture employed near the point-of-purchase.  If you are more B2B, think about leveraging live events such as conferences, for digital captures.  If somebody is expressing interest in what you do, sign them up ASAP.

4. Paid Search:  PPC with a tracked opt-in page will accomplish several things at once.  You’ll drive new traffic to your site and test your conversions, and later in the sales cycle you can segment by the source and see how well PPC traffic performs compared to more organic methods.  PPC can get costly, so keeping an eye on those leads and their statistics can help with budgeting.

3. Website Registration Page:  You have an email registration very visible on your website, right?  Don’t overlook that simple, but vital source for list building.

2. Online Events (like webinars):  An excitement-generating, quality-content packed webinar that requires email capture to register is bound to grow your numbers.

Finally – the top-performing technique!

1. Registration with purchase:  At the point of purchase, you already have their interest. If they like what you offer enough to purchase from you once, they will again, particularly when they have a “written invitation” in their inbox. Don’t fail to sign people up as they buy. They’re already submitting their information to purchase, so an opt in is an afterthought for them.

Effective email marketing starts with the size and strength of your list.  Make sure you are using all of the above techniques and see your numbers grow.