You know your marketing is a bit weak when the local coffee shop is using QR codes to build their list, and you’re not!

This strategy is pretty simple…

…but that doesn’t make it any less effective.

In fact I’d say this is one reason it is so effective.

So I’m in the coffee shop, enjoying a nice latte and I notice the QR code on the cup.

I’m not doing anything important, and my phone is in my hand so I do what many geeks would do–I scanned the QR code.



Voila!  A simple way to do list building.

How to improve on this simple way to do list building.

1.  You see on the cup there is only a QR code.  In the biz, this is called a ‘call-to-action’ except I have to rely on curiosity as the reason to click (or scan) this image.  How about if you put a simple offer above the code:  “Scan this code to get our Newsletter and a free coffee!”

Anyone want to bet that my way doesn’t get more people to scan the QR code?

2.  The QR code needs to go to a dedicated MOBILE FRIENDLY landing page which makes it easy for you to sign up for the Newsletter and get a free coffee.

You won’t believe how many people forget the ‘make-it-easy’ part.

Let’s recap.

1.  Use the QR code to make a simple offer and say why someone should scan.

2.  Make it easy to do what you ask them to do on the offer.

Take a look at your use of QR codes and see if you are making it easy…

…or not?