I’m a big fan of PRWEB.com and have used them over the years to release online news releases.

They’re also pretty good marketers. I noticed this ad earlier today when I was on Facebook (during my break of course!)

screen_shot_2011-10-26_at_10-48-12_amYou can tell because the “Download Writing Great Online News Releases” offer is a powerful offer.

The kind of offer that you might be interested in if you wanted to “learn the secrets of building your business with news.”  The benefit statement in the ad makes it even stronger.

I wasn’t disappointed when I arrived on the PRWEB page.  I was presented with a pretty good quality landing page designed to move me to give up my email address.

A classic and proper offer.



This is a very good example of a list building strategy that works like a charm.

Make a good offer in an ad targeted to your audience.

It doesn’t matter if your ad is displayed in Google or Facebook as long as you are reaching your audience.

It does matter that you have a good offer and your landing page gives your visitors a good reason to signup and take your offer.

We always recommend that you track your conversion numbers all along the way.  You’ll know how many saw the ad, how many clicked on it, how many visited the landing page, how many signed up, and how many became customers.

It doesn’t get any better than this!