There are many ways to improve on email list building – and these 31 tips will help you drastically improve the rate at which you build your list.


Host webinars or other shows with other people – and market to each other’s audience

  1. Host a webinar yourself
  2. Make your lists opt-in by sending renewal messages
  3. Increase the number of offers linked to email signups
  4. Host offline events where you can gather email addresses from others
  5. Promote through a partner’s newsletter with ebooks or other offers
  6. Use “pinning” sites like Pinterest to drive focus to email offers
  7. Use business pages (on Google+, Facebook, etc.) that also focus on subscriptions
  8. Recommend signups as the answer to problems on sites like LinkedIn
  9. Run a long-term Twitter signup campaign after growing your audience there
  10. Link to email signups in your bylines for guest blogs
  11. Run multiple subscription offers – some general, some narrowly targeted to a specific interest group
  12. Use paid search ads – for targeted subscriptions only, as others are unlikely to work
  13. Include “Share” buttons and encourage current subscribers to click them
  14. Work on email list building at trade shows and ensure those people can opt-in
  15. Run promotions on affiliate websites
  16. Create custom tabs (on Facebook and other social media) focused on email signups
  17. Promote contests and giveaways – with email subscription being a requirement for entry
  18. Use QR codes on your products, linking to special signup pages
  19. Create a helpful tool or resource that others sign up for
  20. Create new lead-generating content (ebooks, etc.) with subscription necessary to download
  21. Guarantee – in an obvious manner – the privacy of your subscribers
  22. Place a signup sheet in any physical location you run (including at events)
  23. Use postal mail for advertising
  24. Use telemarketing to encourage people to update their information
  25. Have an opt-in button during checkout at your online store
  26. Post advertisements on other sites that your readers visit
  27. Avoid prying for information – people don’t like that
  28. Place and promote a major signup form on your website
  29. Create How-To guides for visitors that might need help with your products
  30. Finally, and this is the most important one, create excellent content for your emails

There’s no need to do all of these at once – see what you can phase in at each stage of your growth process and take things a step at a time. If you do these things correctly, you’ll be able to watch your list of subscribers explode.